In today's changing world, building smaller more sustainable homes is becoming increasingly important and popular.  Using green technologies and smart construction, mi|HOME modern homes are ready for your future.  The only permanently built-on-site modern-design sustainable small home plans available.  Wood framing (a renewable resource) is still the most cost effective way to build homes.  It can be even more economical if smart framing practices are built into the plans.  The simpler the structure, the faster it can be built, and the fewer materials can be used.  Its a win-win for you and the environment. 

With this in mind, as you can see on these pages, you can build and live in a beautifully sustainable small home.

Fully customizable home plans built with nature and economy in mind.

Each home is built with the most logical and cost effective sustainable materials locally available to the project site.

Here are a few of the materials that may be used;

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