steel canyon high school

The new 1800 student Steele Canyon High School was designed for the Rancho San Diego area of the Grossmont Union High School District. In today's controversial atmosphere of educational directions, this facility addresses various aspects of issues facing our school systems. The basic plan emphasizes high visibility, controllable access to the quad, graffiti intolerant walls, and other safety and security considerations.

The project also recognizes our new era of technology and its potential use within the school environment. Throughout Steele Canyon High School, there are signs of adaptations to tomorrow. The "auto" and "metal" shops have been replaced by tech labs; facilities combining computer diagnostics or design with a wider variety of hands-on fabrication tasks. Computerized library card files and on-line references will minimize expensive up-dating of system and information.

A video studio allows both the taping and in-classroom projection of programs and productions. The school has the ability to grow for many years into the future.The high school totals 178,000 sq. ft. configured within 11 one and two story buildings on a 40 acre site. Included in the complex is a 450 seat Theater with indoor and outdoor stages, full gymnasium facilities with bleacher seating for 1600 people, and a commercial kitchen adequate to feed all of those starving students.

The project was designed by consultant Carmicheal Kemp and Associates. Mark Silva was the project architect while working at Tucker, Sadler & Associates, and was responsible for coordination, design development and construction documents on this project.